Irish dance group

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About the group

Démáirt Irish Dance Group was founded in 1999 at the concert of an Irish band. Founding members liked catchy Irish tunes and specific rhythms and they decided to create a group where they started to dig deep into beautiful, yet difficult techniques of Irish dance. Their dance skills were improved at various workshops and in dance schools, where they were taught by highly qualified dance teachers such as Anne-Marie Cunningham TCRG, Shane McAvinchey TCRG, Kelly O´Boyle TCRG, Séan Kilkenny TCRG, Lisa Delaney TCRG, Corrine Delaney. The TCRG title shows that certain person is qualified by the Irish dance Commision (An Comisiún le Rince Gaelacha) and is the highest qualification possible for Irish dance teachers.

In 2006, Démáirt estabilished cooperation with Irish teacher in Vienna, Stephen Scariff TCRG (soloist of Lord of the Dance, Irish Dance Invasion, Dancing on Dangerous Ground). Dancers got great guidance and under his name they started to take part in Irish dance competitions known as Feis (pl. Feiseanna). It was very clear the teacher was great as dancers immediately started getting first places and moved up the grades quickly.

After Stephen moved to USA, the dancers of Démáirt got another brilliant teacher, Ronan Morgan TCRG (Lord of the Dance, Irish Dance Invasion, Dancing on Dangerous Ground). Under his mentoring the dancers continued improving. One dancer took part in Irish Championships and World Championships in Irish step dance.

Our current teacher is Tereza Bernardová TCRG. Tereza is an interpreter of Irish dance in Czech republic and abroad. She dances Irish for fifteen years. She took knowledge and experience from qualified and recognized teachers of Irish dance and music scene and through regular social events during her long-time stay in Ireland. She is a successful graduate and holds the title of “Master of Arts“ in “Traditional Irish Dance Performance“ from Irish World Academy of Music and Dance in Limerick, Ireland.