Irish dance group

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Ceilí club

Céilí (ceilidh) club meets every Monday at 20:30 at YMCA Brno, Kounicova 3. Its purpose is practicing Irish céilí and scottish ceilidh dances (folk dances), just for fun and joy from music and movement. Ceilidh clubs are common in Scotland, in Ireland are mostly set dancing groups which are favourited by older generations. We might try some of them as well. English contry dances are a new thing, they are not much physically demanding but pleasant and sociable. Sometimes we include some dances from Brittany.

For more information and contact, e-mail at ceili@demairt.cz.

During the year members of the Ceilí club attend several events such as themed balls and dance-events with a live band where they can use many of the dances learned at the meetings. These are the main events:

  • October – Samhain, Irish dance evening
  • beginning of November – English country dance workshop and themed ball (www.janeausten.cz)
  • end of November – Svatoondřejské ceilidh – Scottish dance-event celebrating St. Andrew (www.skotskypes.cz)
  • February – English country dance ball (www.janeausten.cz)
  • March – St. Patrick’s Day – traditional celebration of the main Irish saint
  • April – Skotský ples – Scottish ball (www.skotskypes.cz)
  • May – English country dance workshop and themed ball (www.janeausten.cz)
  • July – Keltská noc – Celtic themed festival, Plumlov (www.keltska-noc.cz)
  • August – Lughnasad – Celtic themed festival, Brno, Nasavrky

A bit of theory…

And something of the practice…




(these videos are certainly not exemplary, their purpose is to remind the dance, take it with discretion)