Irish dance group

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Lektorky irských tanců

Blanka Hanzlová (Arwi)

Blanka Arwi Hanzlová Arwi teaches children classes.

She began with Irish dancing in 2007 and in competitons she dances in the highest category, Open. She is currently our best heavy shoe dancer and she even leads group heavy shoe practices as well as competition trainings.

Bára Kašparová

Bára Kašparová Bára teaches advanced soft shoe classes.

Bára is a great dancer who loves dancing itself. She joined Démáirt in 2010 and she is one of our lead dancers. Competitively she now dances in an Intermediate category. Aside of Démáirt’s classes she teaches Irish dancing for children in DDM Mateřídouška in Řečkovice and she is also qualified for teaching (the basics of pedagogy).

Bětka Růčková

Bětka Růčková Bětka teaches advanced soft shoe classes and beginers heavy shoe classes.

Her dance basics come from ballet, therefore she has a very beautiful and graceful dance style. She started Irish dancing in 2010 and very quickly become a great dancer in our group. In competitons she dance in Intermediate category. Bětka is a lover of Irish music so you can meet her at various events and concerts. But she surely will not be sitting down listening, rather on a dance floor dancing (even with a cast on her leg :) )

Anna Ireinová

Anna Ireinová Anička teaches beginners soft shoe classes.

Anička is skilled dancer, who has 11 years experience with playing a flute. Thanks to that (but not only) she's got a great sense of rhythm. She is nice and calm at every situation. Anička currently dances in Primary/Inter­mediate category and she regularly and successfully attends feis dancing competitions.

Kateřina Kovářová (Smajla)

Kateřina Kovářová Kateřina teaches advanced heavy shoe classes.

Katka is a dancer with very fast progress in dance, she got into the highest Open level in only a year. She benefits from her gymnastics experience that she got before Irish dance. She’s mostly a feis-focused dancer, which greatly affects her dance style. Currently she teaches also competition-based workshops in Zlín and she successfully completed six levels of Grade Exams. As well as the other members of Démáirt she loves Irish and Celtic culture, so you can see her at various events, usually dancing on stage. Katka was 13th at the European Championships in Vienna and qualified to World Championships 2017 in Dublin in Ireland.