Irish dance group

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What do we offer?

  • Our own author choreographies to lively Irish music and its modern arrangements (soft and heavy shoes)
  • Traditional Irish Céilí dances
  • Teaching of some easy Céilí dances, which is a great fun
  • Possibility to make a show to a live band

Where we perform

  • Festivals: Keltská noc, International folklore festival in Šumperk, Lughnasad, …
  • Local events: Museum night, Christmas at Brno City hall, …
  • Balls: Faculty of Arts, Masaryk University ball, companies balls, …
  • Private events: company celebrations, weddings, birthday parties, …
  • Television performances: České hlavičky, Sama doma
  • Abroad festivals: Italy, Switzerland, …

Technical parameters

  • Size of the dance floor is needed to be agreed beforehand and depends on the number of dancers (min. 3×4 meters)
  • Audio equipment for CDs and/or flash discs, when learning one microphone is needed. Microphones for dance floor needed for bigger events.
  • Solid, flat floor (wood is the best; in case of pvc, rug or paving the offer of dances could be limited)
  • Lockable dressing room, non alcoholic drinks,
  • Honorarium by discussion when fees covered (transport, bed if needed)
  • Having a name of the group – Démáirt Irish Dance Group YMCA Brno on leaflets/posters to the event.

Performance order


  • Email: demairt@demairt.cz
  • Blanka Hanzlová, tel. 773 578 576
  • Bětka Růčková, tel. 739 164 925